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In the ancient capitol of Nara, we do research on acoustics and deal with broad spectrum of music.
Our policy is "Be happy with music"!

Masaaki Wada Piano Works, MAHORAGAMAHORAGA Label

Goat Songs

Chuya Nakahara songbook by Masaaki Wada

with bonus track "Sad Morning"

Release: April 29, 2014

Available at Amazon JP

Acoustics Research

Digital signal processing technology in recent years is so remarkable that we cannot talk about acoustics without it any more. On top of the analog sound technology of the past, we in MAHORAGA add digital signal processing of today, and investigate the best sound. To apply the latest technology of constantly advancing signal processing, we develop our own Audio Unit plug-ins, and use them for our music production.

Music Production

Besides acoustics, we in MAHORAGA deal with wide area of music such as music composition and arrangement, track creation, recording, mixing and mastering, CD production, music video editing. By producing music using the latest sound technology and feeding the results back to acourstics research, we are after practical sound technology.


For inquiries, email: info@mahoraga.com